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Programming Is 10% Writing Code

April, 23rd

As programmers most of our time is spent trying to figure out why a snippet of code we copied out of Stackoverflow is not working. Our recommendation is that you should not worry much about your effectiveness as hundreds of thousands of developer pretty much grapple over much of what they write. Some super smart individuals even still have to google the syntax of an arrow function. On a typical day, while building software we may have only to change a few lines of code. There are other things…

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GitHub is now free for teams

April, 14th

GitHub just announced fantastic changes to its pricing and has introduced some freebies. Here's the announcement : From their pricing page, you can adjust your plan and downgrade to free or switch to what works best for your needs.

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How to design a REST API with Express.JS in Node.Js

February, 26th

A few days ago, we decided to build a quick RESTful API after some time. It turns out some nice changes have happened with our tool of choice: ExpressJS. Take a seat and read on as we share how easy it is build up an API.

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Implementing a Modal Component in React Hooks

February, 21st

Modals are a key part of modern User interface design. We use them to ask for confirmations from users, warn them about potential problems or even just alert them in a far less intrusive format. Do you remember this guy? The alert box This is 2020 and that's so 2000s. To achieve that, all we had to do was When you alert many times, modern browsers are configured in such a way that they can be asked not to allow an alert the next time. In here we shall discuss how to design pretty modals in…

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Working with filters

January, 25th

In this Javascript tutorial, we shall take a look at working with filters. It is part of a four part series in the next few months covering functional programming in Javascript. In the post before we had an array that looked like the one you see below with some songs in it. We shall use it to do some Javascript operations. Filter Syntax The filter() method returns a new aray with all elements that pass a condition implement by the provided function. A callback is a special kind of…

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Using map function in Javascript

January, 15th

Arrays are collections of data which at times have to be manipulated by the programmer. Suppose you are working as a software developer for a company such as Spotify and one day your manager asked you to extract only the names of the artists from a list of songs. This is how the internal collection of songs (music) might look like at Spotify. The wonders of the map() function now is as follows: An alternative way of doing this: Challenge How would you extract only the names of songs that…

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