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Why should you become a full stack developer?

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What is Coder in 90?


Coderin90 was started by frustrated web development professionals and mentors who saw the world of bootcamps as a growing pit of money making opportunities.

Our courses are bite-sized and will pack a punch of knowledge.

Mentor and coaching services can be provided on request.


Do 10X Developers exist?

Yes, they exist and you can become one too if you invest time picking up concepts, studying, working together with seasoned developers and peers.

Can Coder in 90 help you through that journey?

Most of the course load has been designed to follow the SMART goals principle.

To become a maestro in a short time you gotta commit yourself to learning 100%. Balance that out with a good work/life balance.

Many students we've come into contact with tend to have formal hustles such as work and education. You can learn to code in your free time and still make it as a top tier hire and recruit at coding companies.

We at Coder in 90 strive to share our cumulative knowledge of Javascript and how it can be used to build both backend and frontend systems essentially transforming you into a whole "IT team" which makes you very lucrative in the eyes of an employer.

What are SMART goals?

These are goals that make you super smart. Well, that's not a good definition. SMART is a short way of saying Specifc, Measurable, Attainable or achievale, Relevant(reasonable, realistic and results-based),Timebound.
We think that in 1 year you can become a proficient full-stack developer. Our exercises will guarantee it and the results and quality of your projects will be the proof of it.

What projects will I build?

  • Weather Application
  • Mapping Project
  • A glorious loan and mortgage calculator
  • Scraping of websites like eBay, Amazon
  • An ecommerce website (selling shoes, aparel)