Frontend Development

We shall use HTML, Javascript and CSS to teach frontend programming. We shall cover using Developer tools on both Chrome and Firefox (excellent for its CSS grid). Other concepts include data structures such as arrays and objects, looping and scope. At the end of it all you will design interactive web applications and have a few nice portfolio proejcts to show for it.

Database Principles

We shall learn about some different database management systems that exist right now. We shall primarilly look at the difference between choosing a NoSQL solution such as MongoDB and a Relational solution such as PostgresSQL. We shall learn to choose the correct data type when workind with some kinds of data, as well as design principles using UML tooling.

Backend Development: Node & Express

Some of the concepts we shall cover will include accessing low-level functionality of a server (file system), managing incoming web requests from the Internet (A.P.I. design), how to deploy a server, we shall use Linode as an example. Server setup skills are easily replicable in other server systems. We shall design an application that integrates with a PostgresSQL database.


Good applications should be thoughroughly tested before launch. This is because you loose users and customers when they find bugs. It can cause financial loss to the business you as a developer work on. In some cases you can lose the job. We go over some common ways of testing on the web. This involves learning to write tests using the following tools

  • React Testing Library
  • Jest
  • Cypress (end to end)
One of the reasons we do not publish a detailed synopsis of our curriculum is because it is under constant development and iterative improvement. Saying that (for example) we teach AJAX on Wednesday of week 5 is a bit ridiculous; for any given cohort it might be more appropriate to cover that topic a week earlier or later, or perhaps we wouldn't even need to cover it at all if students have already learned enough on their own by the time we get to week 5!

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