Programming Is 10% Writing Code

As programmers most of our time is spent trying to figure out why a snippet of code we copied out of Stackoverflow is not working.

Our recommendation is that you should not worry much about your effectiveness as hundreds of thousands of developer pretty much grapple over much of what they write.

Some super smart individuals even still have to google the syntax of an arrow function.

On a typical day, while building software we may have only to change a few lines of code. There are other things that will take place in your day to day work as a software engineer, here are some 5 things that could take place

  1. Inception Meetings with client
  2. Planning (agile user stories)
  3. Pairing (you might be the observer in this case)
  4. Helping your co-workers 😊
  5. Doing research (yes, Googling too)


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