About Coder in 90

Coder in 90 was started by frustrated web development professionals and mentors who saw the world of bootcamps as a growing pit of money making opportunities.

Our courses are bite-sized and will pack a punch of knowledge. Mentor and coaching services can be provided on request.

About Mentors

Mentoring has been proven to be one of the ways that learners can pick up knowlege super fast

Understanding Our Course formats

We believe in creating a work life balance following ideals of Swedish life lagom, which means just the right amount of everything (work and pleasure) at the right time.

The courses can be taken part-time and designed to work around your daily commitments. You can watch and read our instructor course material. Work through coding challenges, submit them for manual grading and review (we don't just use machines, a person will review your work).

Students doing courses on their can also access mentors through our mentor program. They meet a seasoned developer for 30 minutes every week. More remedial studies can be organized on request.

During a mentor meeting, the mentor can assist the student in getting unstuck or point said student in the right direction. Mentors do not do your work for you.